If a tree fell in a forest . . .


Yeah, we would decide no one would hear it. 

What does one do, when their power is out, rain is pouring down, and the gusts of wind are up around 47 mph?  Well duh, you put on your mud boots (in my case, duck snow boots), glass of wine (I went for the plastic dixie, since it was dark, didn’t want to break my nice wine glasses), or maybe a beer (coors light baby, still cold!), a comfortable chair (good ol camp chairs), and some entertainment (case of 4800 bottle rockets).  Hey, at least this time the neighbors can’t hear us shoot them, and thus won’t call the police!

It’s amazing to watch these giant pine trees blow.  There are trees all around us, down our street, across the street, cresting the lake, all are huge and strong.  But in that wind, they were dancing like string puppets.  Bowing and bending every which way, but alas, none of them went down. 

What did go down, was one of the four huge pecan/walnut trees in our backyard.  Thankfully, it was the one on the edge (as the other three are directly behind our house).  We heard a small ‘SNAP’ and a silent “WHOOSH” and all the sudden the tree was there. 

There, as in there in our front yard.  Yeah, the tree extends from the backyard way out into the front yard, all down the side of the house.  If the wind had just blow a bit harder, 2 feet more, and it would be on our house.   Take a look.  You can see it extend from the back to the front, and how even laying down, it towers over the trees in the front yard.  The trees down the side of the house were taken down by the big tree, so those will have to be removed too.


Our power came on in the middle of the night, lights blaring, tv blasting, yeah! 


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