Ice Ice Baby


Who knew that ice would ever be a hot commodity?  I guess it was Sunday, we went out for a drive around town to see the damage (darn human curiosity), and kept saying ‘oh we need to get ice’.  Since payday was Friday, I had bought a good chunk of meat for the next two weeks, and didn’t want it to get spoiled.  So finally, toward twilight, we thought, hmm we need ice.    Well heck, 9 gas stations later and several miles, we found ice!  Everyone else, (DUH) also needed ice!

I guess there still are many people in the area still without power.  Ugh! I feel for them.


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  1. LOL WE did the same thing you guys did! Except Brian called the ice truck that was delivering and told us where his next stop was and finally ICE! It was payday on that friday for us too and I went out and bought 85 bucks worth of meat! No cooler so we bought a huge tote lol well it worked! Glad you guys are okay.

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