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Yes, I must say my part about this.  This November will be one of the most influential times in our country.  With the health care issues, environment issues (gas/oil, clean energy), money/financial (hello wall street), the War in Iraq, and many other mainstream issues, not counting perhaps the first non-White President, or the first female vice-President, you need to vote.  If you are unsure of who, what, where, or when, here is some help.  *links DID work at one time, please don’t fill out things if you don’t want emails and junk sent to you, nor blame me*

I put info on just the Presidential candidates.  Please be sure to check out your local and state government offices, as they are just as important as the Federal level.

First the contenders:


Views by Issues

Side by side view

Presidential Elections

On The Issues

Quizzes to help you decide

Vote Help

Vote Chooser

Vote Match

President Match

Political Base


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