Team Parenting 9 And 10


For whatever reasons, I have not felt like blogging lately, and have a need now to catch up on a few things.

Jarrett, at  has a wonderful Team Parenting series that I’ve been following.  Here are the latest.


‘Give each other a day off’  I’ve already have mentioned this, but Mike and I will do this.  It may not be a entire day, but a few hours, or an evening.  It’s important that we have time to ourselves, to benefit us and our kids.  It gives us a break, allowing to get away from the hub-bub (is that a word) and stress that a day can bring.

Part TEN

‘Hold each other accountable (be positive)’  I think the hard part of this is the be positive part.  On both ends.  I know that either party can become defensive and take a look or a tone of voice the wrong way, and all heck breaks out, and the blame game (with finger points and all) starts.  I think both parties need to learn and understand accountability and constructive criticism (myself included).


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