Wasting Money


AOL has a list of “Top Ways to Waste Money” .  I’ve broken down the list for you, and of course, my wonderful comments added.

1.  Convenience Stores.  I do agree, they are over priced, but you pay for that, the convenience of being able to run in and out.  I only go there for small things (snack crackers or peanuts for sports practice).  I’ve been known to leave without buying milk because they want over $5 for a gallon (here in Arkansas, milk is still less than $4).  One thing I wish our stores had:  LOTTO.

2.  Tanning Salons.  I agree, big waste, although I’ve been known to visit them.  Instead of spending $25-$80 a month, why not buy a great moisturizer with sunscreen, and know that at age 40 or 50, you’ll have great young looking skin?  (Do I sound like a commercial or what?).

3.   Government Funded Space Exploration.  Hmmmm.   I guess it should be gov’t funded, otherwise wouldn’t a private establishment claim space?  But AOL does have a good point, all those millions (BILLIONS) of dollars could go to something more beneficial for the people, food, health care, cancer research, etc.

4.  Movie Rentals.  I don’t do these.  We do pay for every satellite channel out there (another waste).  But if you do rent, use the RED BOX.

5.  Disposable Razors.  Landfill.  ‘Nuff said.

6.  Pet Clothing.  Uh yeah.  Duh.  Don’t only the obscenely rich do this?

7.  Paper towels.  Debatable.  I love me some Viva paper towels.  Yes you can do anything with a paper towel that you can do with a washcloth, but have you seen the things 3 boys can do????

8.  Nail Salons.  Again, us being Vain.  I can’t wear fake nails to work, but I do love a good manicure. 

9.  Eating out on lunch break.  I think that if you poll many working people, this is a big expenditure that could be cut back.  I know when I worked those few weeks of day shifts earlier this summer, omg my lunch bill was high!  Pack it!

10.  Not shutting lights off.  OMG.  BIG pet peeve of mine.  I’ll come home, and every stinking light will be on!  Big money waster!

11.  Caring for lawns.  Hmmm, debatable.  The article says it’s a waste of money.  But, it increases the value of your home, which is an investment.  I say mow it!

12.  Insurance you don’t use.  lol, not me!  But if you are one of those lucky people who never have to file a claim against your insurance, you probably already pay a low premium.  I think All-State offers a discount if you don’t use it in so many years.  Health insurance, I pay the same premiums as those who max out their benefits each year, which we never (THANKFULLY) come close to.  It’s a luxury to have in this day and time, and I won’t complain!

13.  Death row inmates (who sit there for years and years).  I agree.  Zap them.

14.  Duplicate Spending Due to Disorganization.  Or frazzled mommy brain?  I did this yesterday.  A friend gave us an old dresser, which we dolled up for the living room under the big TV.  While I was at Wal*Mart, I bought a new desk for this desk top pc, which is balanced on the current baker’s rack.  On the way home, I realized the dresser frees up the desk, that now can be moved and used for the pc.  Duh.  At least I can return it.

15.  Clothes Dryer.  Hmmm.  I don’t really have the time or desire to hang my clothes outside.  But I do understand that it would save energy and some dollars.  I may investigate this one.

16. Buying a new vehicle.  Anyone who has done their research, knows that buying a brand spanking car is stupid, to say the least.  It loses a huge portion of it’s value the moment the papers are signed and you drive it off the lot.  Buy used with a great warranty.

17.  Designer hand bags.  Ahhh you got me.  I do lurve me some purses (and shoes).  I am happy with buying cheap knock offs though!

18.  Children’s Birthday Parties.  I know that some parents can go WAY over the top.  Our parties are traditional cake and ice cream, fun game, etc.  No bounce house, paid entertainer, full course meal.

19.    Huge Houses.  Again, ’nuff said.  If you haven’t heard of all the foreclosures, well get with it.

20.  The War in Iraq.  ‘Nuff said.  It was useful the first few years.  Now it’s stupid.

21.  Swimwear.  LOL, the article says to go nude.  Yeah right.  Do what I do, buy at the end of the season, or on eBay.  I bought an awesome Ralph Lauren suit for $20, 90% off the original price.

22.  Alcoholic drinks at restaurants.  A few weeks ago, after a trip to the zoo, we went to Copelands(YUM), and the cheapest drink was $8.99.  Of course it was a huge glass, but OMG. 

23.  Over packaged items.  I have thought of this on recent trips.  Why does ham need to have eight different wrappers on it?  Or why does detergent need to be in a huge plastic bottle?  Why not a carton?  Why must cereal be in a bag AND a box?  (yeah I know, some does come in just a bag, we buy it).

24.  Organic produce.  Hmmm.  It is healthier (so I hear), but I do know it’s pricey. 

25.  Disposable Diapers.  I have recently thought, that with all the cute cute cute reusable diapers out there (check out www.esty.com)  that I would do that, if I had to do it all over again (gack).

26.  Using “Super” gas in your Tank.  Really?  I know my hubby uses it for his bike, but it only holds a few gallons, and gets a high mpg.  Can anyone really afford the super price anymore?

27.  Energy drinks.  Obviously AOL people never have worked overnight, then come home to 3 boys.  I love my RockStar.

28.  Plastic Cups.  Not sure what they mean by this.  It says at home, but I don’t know anyone who uses plastic cups at home (except for a party/get together).

29.  Junk Food.  I agree, a big waste for your pocketbook and waist.  But who can resist a treat every now and then?

30.  Disposable Cleaning Supplies.  I can agree, but love me some Clorox wipes.  Have you ever seen the pee spray from 3 boys?

31.  Playing the lottery.  LOL, see item #1.  Anytime I go to a state that has it, I play.  Hope.  Hope.  Hope.

32.  The Wedding Industry.  OMG YES!  Have you seen those shows, where they spend $100K, $300K, even a MILLION on a wedding?  OMG.  I spent, maybe, maybe $3,000 on  mine.  Food, dresses, pics, tuxes, EVERYTHING.

33.  Convenience store drinks.  I agree.  I read somewhere that Americans put some 23 million water/soda bottles into landfills DAILY.  HERE, it says, ” Each day in the US more than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away. Most end up in landfills or incinerators, and millions litter America’s streets, parks and waterways.”   ‘Nuff said. 

34.  Underwear.  LOL, go natural!

35.  Strip clubs.  Never been, but yeah, a waste.

36.  Four Year Universities.  I can agree.  2 year community colleges have a great tuition, and many great degrees available.

37.  Designer skin care.  Hmmm, to me that’s like Clinique.  But I know there are people who spend HUNDREDS on ONE bottle of cleaner, moisturizer, etc.  That’s crazy!

38.  Extended warranties.  Maybe.  Depends on the item.  I bought one for my laptop, and sure did use it.  Maybe not all items, but the higher end ones I would (computers, camera, etc).

39.  Brand Names.  There are many items (most actually) that I will buy the store brand.  But sometimes there just a little something more in the name brand that makes a difference, kwim?   Medication, yes I will buy store brand names.

40.  Luxury Hotels.  I agree.  Why spend so much money on a hotel room at Disney, when you plan on being in the park all day?  I plan on a place to sleep and shower.  That’s all I need.

41.  Driving a gas guzzler.  I think many people are realizing this here lately.  We traded in our Chevy for the honda, but do have the Tahoe still (but it stays put while Mike rides his bike).


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