Monthly Archives: October 2008

We’re BACK!


It was a great trip!  It’s good to be home though!  I need to clean and stuff, and I’ll come back later with trip details!


Once Again, I have nothing to say


Really I don’t.  The boys and I leave Friday for Kansas, to meet my Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandma, Aunt/Uncle/Kid, Aunt/Uncle, latter Aunt/Uncle’s two Kids (my cousins) and one second Cousin.  PHEW.  I’m excited.  I haven’t seen my Grandma and Aunt/Uncle on my Dads side since, well, high school graduation?  No, once when Bren was about 1.5 years old, and I was preggo with Zach.  So about 5 years.

I have to finish (err, start) cleaning, pack, get my oil changed, clean my car, hang the dvd players, print my road map, etc etc etc.

I would’ve started before today, but it took so long to find the perfect boots on eBay.  Darn you eBay!


Oh, and yes I finally did send in my camera.  GRRR.  I bought it last December, and this summer my lackadaisical babysitter let they boys have a hay day with it, and broke it.  I finally sent it in, and due to “physical damage (no shit)” the warranty is void, and it will cost $97 to fix it.  Well damn, I just paid over $200 for it!  Crap.  So I’ll take Molly’s camera to Kansas at least, while I decide what to do with mine.

Things I have said this week


Timmy, no bouncing.

Zach, keep the duck out of Timmy’s ear.

Leave your weenie alone.

LUCY!  Bad dog!  No pooping in my house!

No bouncing Timmy.

Timmy, don’t put the chicken in your ear.

Zach, your feet smell like sour milk.


Brennen, no video games, yes they will make you stupid.

Drop your weenie.

Zach put your head in the window.

Timmy, no bouncing.

LUCY!  Don’t pee on the floor!

BREN!  ZACH!  Don’t pee on the floor!

No. Bounce.

Zach, don’t lick the window.

Timmy keep the french fry out of your ear.

Zach, don’t eat your snot.

Timmy, get your finger out of your ear.

Watch where you are peeing.

Don’t throw the baseball in the house.


Tim, please don’t bounce on me.

No speed racer-ing in the house!


Life Changes


As some of you may know, Mike’s Mom is moving back to Louisiana after being here for 8 years.  I think it’ll be a tough move for her, as when she moved here she had Ray (father in law, who passed away a few years ago).  But she bought a house in the same town as her Daughter’s family, so that will help.


Where does that leave us?  Here with us and some friends (all single, with no kids).  Most of my friends have kids and stuff, but the ones we see more often do not.  We’ve kicked around the idea of moving.  First it was Colorado, but Mike said that’s too cold for him, although we’d be close to my family.
We’ve talked about different places in Louisiana, and we are considering moving next summer.  It’s scary to think of moving after being here 7 years.  When I moved here, I was newly single after a divorce, not knowing a single person.  I had arranged a place to live, utilities and everything to be ready (sight unseen) before I even got here.  Now, 7 years later, we’ve lived in 8 houses (buying the last one), had over 15 different cars (holy heck), married 6.5 years, three jobs, 3 years of school, and of course 3 boys.  WOW! What a difference years make!

It’s scary to think of moving, starting all over.  New home, new schools, new jobs and all.  Think of us while we make these decisions.