Trip Planning


Willamsburg VA 1992 by Geronimo the Elder.

I’m excited!   Ok, background:  My parents live in Nebraska, which is a 20 hour drive from here to there (and vice versa of course).  We normally see one another once, maybe twice a year.  My Mom’s family is in the Philippines, minus one Sister (Aunt C) who is in Kansas (yeah, who would’ve thunk it).  My Dad’s family is in Nebraska, but on the other side of the state, who I haven’t seen since, hmmm, I guess when Brennen was about 1.5 years old and I was preggo with Zach (who are now 6 and 4.5 years old).

So, in three weeks and a few days, we’ll load up the good gas mileage Honda (while pining for the roominess of the Tahoe), load the dvd player, snack, XM radio and all that, and meet my parents, my Uncle K and Aunt J and Grandma B from Omaha, all in Kansas and my Uncle B and Aunt C’s house.  Got it?  I’m hoping that my sister’s will come.  I saw Ashley back in May when they came down, but haven’t seen Joshua or Stephanie, hmm for a long time now.

So I’m excited!  I’m lucky to have a job that I only work 3 days a week, so taking a trip like this is no big deal (although I am going on my work days).

The plan is to visit, go to the Zoo, and eat lots and lots of good Filipino food!  YUM!


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