Author Review: Jennifer Weiner



Ok, I haven’t quite finish Certain Girls, but I have read all her other books, and can say I really enjoy her writing and certainly her characters.  Her Heroines are not your typical good body (size 2 anyone), great hair, perhaps a cute tooth gap or case of the freckles characters.  They are real everyday people.  Females that you can relate to.  Those who have pants that are snug (but still wear them), the pants they want to be able to wear (really, can’t we let those go?), and of course, our favorite everyday pants (love my stretched out yoga pants).  They really don’t enjoy yoga, but enjoy real scrumptious food.  Her characters are people that I would (if they were real) consider friends.

Quick thoughts:

Good in Bed:  This is definitely my favorite of the books.  Witty.  Love it.  I love the turmoil that Cannie goes through, how despite being publically embarrassed, she finds herself in it all, finds her purpose.  I love that she doesn’t fall victim to the “oh I need him” group and stands on her own.  MUST READ! 

Goodnight Nobody:  I love the way the main lady, Kate, relishes the life she used to have.  I think as Moms, we all feel guilty when we think those thoughts.  But her dedication to her children, and her desire not to be like the other women in the community keep her grounded; despite the old flame that keeps coming into life!  A different book for the author, a mystery book, Loved It!

Little Earthquakes:  A story of women, coming into Motherhood, dealing with the new stresses of a new role.  Good reality check for those of you who think it’s all smiles and sweet baby smells (HA).  Great blend of characters, coming into their own, but depending upon one another for support.   The contrast of the characters, and their desires to have what they see in the other women, bring to mind the phrase “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”  Great book.

Certain Girls:  I still love Cannie (almost thought about naming the new dog that).   I hate that we miss so much in the lives of Cannie and Joy.  I’m glad that see was able to flashback throughout the book and fill us in.  I found it hard to connect with Joy, but I think that’s because I have all boys and they are nowhere near that teenage syndrome.  I hate the big event toward the end of the book (you’ll know what it is), but glad that once again, Cannie pulls her family and close ones to her for support.

In Her Shoes:  I haven’t seen the movie, so now I must!  Loved the story, the battle of the sisters, but yet they still yearn for one another.  After all, that’s all they have. 



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  1. Hi there –

    I’m a huge Jennifer Weiner fan, too, which is how I found your website. (And I’ve also got two boys and am about to give birth again!) If you have a chance, would you mind checking out my brand-new website and consider signing up for the monthly mailing list?
    I’m a novelist who just signed a publishing contract with the same editor as Jennifer, so I’d love to get your feedback when I post my first chapter!

    Sarah Pekkanen

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