Convo’s Spoken


Me:  When we get home, go in the house.

Kids:  WHY????

Me:  I need to make dinner, and dad needs to make a phone call, and ummm you guys need to clean the bathroom.

Bren:  Noooo!  We want to sit and be quiet!!!



Window tint people:  Thanks for Calling ***** Tint, can I help you?

Me:  Yeah, I need a price for a tint job on a 2006 Honda Accord?

Tint:  What kind of tint?

Me:  Umm, one that says I’m a thirty something mom of three boys, and I’m still cool.

Tint:  uhhhhh….

Me:  Yeah, nevermind.


Me:  Kids, what do you want with the ham?  Cheese wiggles, vegetables, rice, beans, or potatoes?

Bren:  I want cheese wiggles and vegetables.  I don’t want junk food, I want to eat healthy, no candy or chocolate or chips.

Me:  So no Halloween or trick or treating since you get candy then?

Bren:  Ummm, no I’ll go, and save the candy for when I don’t want to be healthy!


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