Pancake! Pancake!


I’ve discovered that Timmy likes pancakes! pancakes!  but only eaten his way.  If you DARE cut up his pancake! pancake!  you will certainly receive the wrath of the terrible twos.


Master snack:  Cheap ass nachos, but watch the kid, he eats the cheese and puts back the chip (don’t mind the messy carport!)


Oh yum.  If you are PMSing or just need a good junk food fill up, then this is for you!  The kids, Mother In Law, and I went to Chilis the other day.  Oh yum.  We got hot artichoke and spinach dip (yum), Texas cheese fries (oh yum), Big Mouth Bites (mini cheeseburgers), and the adults got some chicken enchilada soup.  Oh yum.  We were sooo full!  And the nice part was, it only came to $36!  Not a bad meal for 5 people!


And lastly, Lucy.  I really didn’t want another dog after Gumbo.  We’ve been through so many dogs, and I just didn’t want to deal with another.  But someone Mike works with, her neighbor had her.  Her two brothers were gone and she needed a home.  When I saw her, she melted my heart.  She sits in my lap most of the time, although she slept on Mike’s head last night.  Last night Mike took her outside, and when she came back in, she ran to the love seat (where I normally) sit, saw I wasn’t there, and started whining.  Granted, she does whine a lot, but whatever.  Here she is, traveling in FAB style!


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  1. lol about the pancakes! nachos thats sooo funny! and Chillies mmmmmmm sounds good never been there! The pup is a cutie! I need a puppy all I have is a cat! oh yea I am trying this blog stuff out lol

  2. I love your blog. i just fell upon it and it keeps me smiling. I love how you veiw life and I hope you do not mind if I continue. Your dc is adorable!

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