Life Changes


As some of you may know, Mike’s Mom is moving back to Louisiana after being here for 8 years.  I think it’ll be a tough move for her, as when she moved here she had Ray (father in law, who passed away a few years ago).  But she bought a house in the same town as her Daughter’s family, so that will help.


Where does that leave us?  Here with us and some friends (all single, with no kids).  Most of my friends have kids and stuff, but the ones we see more often do not.  We’ve kicked around the idea of moving.  First it was Colorado, but Mike said that’s too cold for him, although we’d be close to my family.
We’ve talked about different places in Louisiana, and we are considering moving next summer.  It’s scary to think of moving after being here 7 years.  When I moved here, I was newly single after a divorce, not knowing a single person.  I had arranged a place to live, utilities and everything to be ready (sight unseen) before I even got here.  Now, 7 years later, we’ve lived in 8 houses (buying the last one), had over 15 different cars (holy heck), married 6.5 years, three jobs, 3 years of school, and of course 3 boys.  WOW! What a difference years make!

It’s scary to think of moving, starting all over.  New home, new schools, new jobs and all.  Think of us while we make these decisions.


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  1. Wow you’ve accomplished at lot in a short amount of time. It sounds scary, but you already know what you can do and so this will be an exciting adventure. Good luck in whatever comes your way!!

  2. I know the feeling I have been here for 8yrs and we have been through more than 20 I lost count and, over 20 different houses (one we bought and forced sell) I really hate to see you guys and Molly leave but if its for the best then go for it! Brian always says he wants to move up north where its cold and snows all the time (apparently it makes more money for plumbers) I say NO WAY too cold for me. I like it here, the weather is always great and all my friends are here who have become family. Well at least we have myspace and stuff lol! I am sure its gonna be real scary at first not knowing your way around a new place but you guys are strong. Good Luck and God Bless!

  3. Janet, whatever you guys decide, please don’t go too far away for me to drive it at least once a year! Me and Mikey been buds a long time and I love those boys…and you, too!! So please please please don’t go where it’s cold cuz I hate freezing and I can’t drive that far away!!

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