Things I have said this week


Timmy, no bouncing.

Zach, keep the duck out of Timmy’s ear.

Leave your weenie alone.

LUCY!  Bad dog!  No pooping in my house!

No bouncing Timmy.

Timmy, don’t put the chicken in your ear.

Zach, your feet smell like sour milk.


Brennen, no video games, yes they will make you stupid.

Drop your weenie.

Zach put your head in the window.

Timmy, no bouncing.

LUCY!  Don’t pee on the floor!

BREN!  ZACH!  Don’t pee on the floor!

No. Bounce.

Zach, don’t lick the window.

Timmy keep the french fry out of your ear.

Zach, don’t eat your snot.

Timmy, get your finger out of your ear.

Watch where you are peeing.

Don’t throw the baseball in the house.


Tim, please don’t bounce on me.

No speed racer-ing in the house!



2 responses »

  1. ummm bounce, pee, ear, nose, and more pee oh yea and weenie lol! you have BOYS!!! I feel for ya. I couldn’t do it, I would pull my hair and eyes out!!!

  2. Hmm… are you sure you don’t have the confused with my house? Minus the weenie part, we haven’t got there yet, come back next year LoL All in the day of a mom!

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