Once Again, I have nothing to say


Really I don’t.  The boys and I leave Friday for Kansas, to meet my Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandma, Aunt/Uncle/Kid, Aunt/Uncle, latter Aunt/Uncle’s two Kids (my cousins) and one second Cousin.  PHEW.  I’m excited.  I haven’t seen my Grandma and Aunt/Uncle on my Dads side since, well, high school graduation?  No, once when Bren was about 1.5 years old, and I was preggo with Zach.  So about 5 years.

I have to finish (err, start) cleaning, pack, get my oil changed, clean my car, hang the dvd players, print my road map, etc etc etc.

I would’ve started before today, but it took so long to find the perfect boots on eBay.  Darn you eBay!


Oh, and yes I finally did send in my camera.  GRRR.  I bought it last December, and this summer my lackadaisical babysitter let they boys have a hay day with it, and broke it.  I finally sent it in, and due to “physical damage (no shit)” the warranty is void, and it will cost $97 to fix it.  Well damn, I just paid over $200 for it!  Crap.  So I’ll take Molly’s camera to Kansas at least, while I decide what to do with mine.


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