Ok, I’ve caught up a bit


I’ve been feeling blue lately, and hopefully next week I can get a magical little pill that will help me.  I’m thinking about seeing a therapist, just to talk things outloud to someone who doesn’t know me and has a view from the outside.  I think many things I have going on in my head is not only effecting (affecting?) me, but our marriage and of course the kids.

The paperwork is in progress for Brennen to be evaluated for the needs of ADD type meds.  We’ll see what happens there.  He is getting A’s and B’s on his spelling tests, and has pretty much gotten the 3 minute math tests (addition to 10s) down.  His comprehension during verbal stories is not good though.  He can’t concentrate  and focus enough to get the details.

Zachary is good.  He loves school, and has a best friend.  He knows all his colors, counts to 10, sings his ABCs without any problems (except for that LMNOP part, lol).

Timmy is a turd.  Plain and simple.  He gets so spoiled during the day with me it’s crazy!  And OMG, he has a very bad stinky feet problem!

Things I need to tell you:

Book reviews



The Trip

and of course, The stupid purple corolla and the fuzzy haired driver.

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