The Kids


While they don’t know or even understand what is going on, they had a great day.  We fried a turkey (always yum), I made my first cornbread dressing (delicious), corn, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, bread, and pumpkin pie.  On Wednesday, Zachary helped me make the pies, they are pretty ugly, lol.  But he and I had a blast making them together, he is so proud of them.  He also helped me put things together today, I think I’ve found my chef in the family (lol the tall skinny kid nonetheless).

During our meal, the kids politely asked for more helpings, instead of saying “gimme more . . .”  Yeah, I don’t know what kids I have today!  I asked them all what they are thankful for.

Brennen:  For everyone coming to my house, Thanksgiving dinner, the Indians and Pilgrams, turkeys, Gigi and everyone

Zachary:  Happy Halloween, trick or treating, fireworks, and Thanksgiving, school, everyone come to my house, my cowboy hat, Jones (Indiana) hat,

Timmy:  ‘Indian Jones’, spiderman and batman mama!, I want to eat corn

Sweet sweet boys.  I love you.


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