Monday Thoughts


I really enjoyed going to the movies the other day by myself.  I don’t think I’ve ever done that.  I will do it more often.

As I move furniture around (the stuff Mike is taking) to make room for the new stuff, wow, my house is a real mess.  I may need to hire someone to come out for a few weeks to help me clean the walls and stuff.

I’m smoking too much.

My wild and crazy night on Saturday, ended up with me pouring a glass of wine, and then passing out.  About 8 P.M.  Without tasting the wine.

I had a deer shoulder in my fridge that Mike got when I was in Kansas (Oct 23rd ish) and I finally remembered to take it to the trash this morning for trash pick up.  EWW.

My damn new vacuum is broken.  I got it last Christmastime, on the Saturday after black Friday.  Nice.

I need a new camera.  Mine is still broken.

I have only bought one gift for the boys.

My tree is still naked.

I will miss sex.

(caught ya, were you paying attention?)

This morning I had to go see my boss, and took Timmy with me.  He said, “I want to ride the eleGators.”

Now that Mike’s stuff is out of the closet, I have more room for more shoes. 

I need a haircut.

I start my new schedule this week:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday.

I’m addicted to facebook and myspace.

I hate winter.


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