I’m switching to weekend option after Christmas, which means I work Saturday and Sunday night.  I’ll work 24 hours and get paid for 34.  I’ll make a little less, but at least I’ll be there for the boys during the week.  And I don’t have to rely on some people for help.


I’m having lunch today with a dear friend.  I can’t wait.


I picked up an extra shift tonight, woot!  Christmas money!


I’m going to take the boys to the movies tomorrow I think.  And tomorrow night I have plans with another friend, probably a movie again.


I bought a gorgeous bed set to go with my new bed, and it looks WONDERFUL.  I need to organize the boys clothes and stuff, and someone needs to come get his dresser, and then my room will be perfect.


Yes, I’m still sad.  I still wish I knew what he wanted.  But each day, I become more bitter toward him, more stronger for me.  I’ve been to the gym each day I can.  I’m going to look better, and feel better, all for myself (and maybe make someone kick himself later).



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