Day By Day



I don’t know how long it takes to get over stuff like this, but each day I’m a wee bit better.  I know the upcoming holidays will bring more emotions on, which will suck, but I’ll deal with it.

I haven’t bought a thing for the holidays.  I’ll go at the end of this week.  With all the other crazy people doing last minute shopping.  Blah.   Ok, I did by myself stuff, lol.  I bought a new camera and my bedding.  LOL!  I need to go get the perfume I want, and some sexy pjs.  Yeah me.

Work.  I still love it.  The other night I was on my old floor, the cardiac floor and it was rough.  Besides the fact we were short an RN, leaving me with 15 patients, I followed a nurse who had NO clue what was going on with her patients.  No idea of resulted lab work, when the next lab work was due, no clue of the results of CT scans, venous dopplers, etc.  No idea of what the doctors had planned.  Nothing.  One of them she didn’t even realize was on a cordarone drip.  Uhhh hello?  Her documentation of the patients were horrible.  But I still love my job.  I can’t wait til I can go to weekend option after Christmas.  Work 24 hours, get paid for 34!  WOOT!

What else?  Not much.  I worked a bunch the last 2 weeks, and am ready for my break before Christmas.  Because of the holiday rotation and switching a shift with someone, I work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday than I am off until Christmas night.  SEVEN days.  WOOT!

Tomorrow I’m calling a therapy chick that is through our work (=free).  I’m just going in to talk to her, sort some feelings out and listen to her suggestions.  We’ll see if I learn anything.

My current gym membership is up in January, and then I’m switching to the bigger, nicer gym in town, where my dear friend Karen goes to.  We’ll be sexy bitches soon.  Holla!

Celexa.  I have to say it has helped.  I don’t know what kind of emotional train wreck I’d actually be in if I wasn’t on it.  Thank goodness that it is cheap!

ok, I’ve hollered (hollared?) at the boys many times to go clean their room, now I must go enforce my Mommy Powers!

P.S.  I don’t know what the picture has to do with day by day, but it was on google.  I ain’t hatin’!


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  1. Thank the heavens for Celexa! I love it, and it has saved me (and the ex) from some very unpleasant situations. 😀

    My goal is to be drop dead sexy by April, the next time I might run in to the SOB.

    Good luck to you on your journey!

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