Merry Christmas Eve!


It’s holiday time, in case you were in a deeper hole that I am!

Saturday night was a blast!  The girls and I went to 4 or 5 different places, drank, danced and laughed!  It was  awesome!  Despite some babysitter confagle and words with my soon to be ex, it was an alright night.  The big thing from that night is that he finally let some of his feelings out (pretty much let me have it), stuff I guess he had been holding in.  It all knocked me to the ground.  I knew that night that he for certain does not love me, has not in a while, and will not again.  It’s something I had hoped for, but now know and hopefully can move on.


Today kind of has sucked.  All the friends that I chat with off and on thoughout the day are with their families or traveling.  I have no one here except the boys.  While people are doing family things together, I’m trying to be that family for my boys.  Ex will be here later tonight, and we’ll hang out with the boys.


Nothing else is going on, I’m working on me.  🙂


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