Week in Numbers


4 (maybe 5?)  the number of bars we went to Saturday night

1 Margarita Saturday night

1 Plate of Fries with all the good crap on it (at Chilis)

2 (maybe 3) shots of Tequila

5  (maybe 6) Coors Lights

1000 Laughs

100 Tears

138.9  pounds I am!  Yes!  The least amount I’ve weighed in 8 years!

14 number of cigarettes I’ve had this week

7 days off  in a row, then

4 number of nights I work this week

3 boys who were happy for Santa!

3 bags of trash from Christmas garbage

1 Ham baked

4 trays of cookies made

1 apple pie

1 Wii and 2 nunchucks for a good laugh

1 Super Duper Birthday

3 Years old is my Baby!

$1.27  a gallon for gas

1 time I lost my keys at Krogers

68 degrees outside now (with rain)

1 Awesome haircut and color

0 Laundry put away

2 Bottles of wine consumed

1892 Threats to Cancel Christmas

1892 Speed Dial calls to Santa

1 Giant Spider outside my window

10000000 Memories of fun with my Boys

8 IVs restarted in 2 nights


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