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I’m doing ok.  Really I am.  I have been to therapy, and that helps.  I have met with a lawyer and have been dealing with that kind of stuff.  I still get really emotional, especially at night, when the kids are in bed, and it’s more lonely.  But I am ok.  And I will be.  I’m slowly cutting off resources and emotions for stuff and being more independent.

Tonight is girls night!  Just a couple of us are going, so I’m excited.  In February a BUNCH of us are going to stay over night in Memphis, out on Beale Street, which we are ALL excited for!

I have lost some weight (22 pounds in fact).  I weigh less now than when I first got pregnant.  Of course then, I had more muscle!  I’ve started to go to the gym, even getting on a team for a “dare to be lean” challenge.  I bought a wii fit!  I am eating healthly, most times.  But never drink enough water!

I still love my job.  I love weekend option, even though my weekends are shot, I love being off for 5 days during the week with the boys.  It was a good decision for me!  I’m researching other BSN programs that I can do, since my plans to start in the fall at Tech have gone through.

I want to thank all my friends, both here local and out of state, my in real life friends, online pals, and those who I’ve known back in the day who have all been supportive with thoughts and words of advice.  I take each one of your words and listen very carefully!  I love each of you and thank you for being there for me.



P.S.  Yes, my Christmas tree is still up




Yes, he gets two!

I love being home with him!!!  He’ll tell me, “Hurry Mama!  Diego is on!  Sit wif my and watch”!  Then we’ll both climb on the couch and cuddle under the blanket.  He has picked up his numbers (up to 20) and his ABCs from his brothers.  His big black eyes suck everyone in.  He has the toothiest grin and cracks me up.  And OMG!  His feet!  They stink!  Socks always come off and he’ll wear his shoes without them, and *gag* his feet stink! 

He is so imaginative, and comes up with the funniest things!  A plastic lid to a storage box can be a wakeboard, a boat, or his car.  It’s so funny!  He got a bike for his birthday and LOVES it!

Best of all, he’s POTTY TRAINED!  Yes!  NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!!!!  He does still have an occastional accident, but he does such a great job.


I’m so blessed.  I have three wonderful boys, each so different, but yet the same.  I love them so much!



This boy is so hard to read!  He loves to annoy his brothers, and I endlessly have to tell him not to stick out his tounge, or whatever may be his rude skill of the day.  But he manages to get his two smilies at school each day!  He has two best friends at school, Hunter and Owen, and loves to play with them!  Preschool rocks!  He knows his numbers (up to 30 so far), ABCs, shapes, colors, etc.  I’m hoping they start writing soon!

He is the one I have a hard time getting love out of.  But sometimes he just totally surprises me and snuggles, or comes and gives me a hug.  So very sweet.  When I get those sweet surprises, I love it and am sure to tell him so!

I can’t believe he will be five in a few weeks!  He is as tall as ever, a good head’s worth over his classmate, and always within half an inch to an inch of Brennen.





He is doing great!  He has mastered his addition, and now they are on subtraction!  He still rocks the books and reads everything in sight!  He loves to play Xbox at Dads and Wii at my house, but chores and school work comes first!  I can’t believe how big he is!  His first tooth is loose (damn, not the ghetto silver ones)!  He told me, “I have a plan.  Let’s get some apples and I’ll eat it, and my tooth will get stuck and come out”!  He’s so excited for it to come out, and to get his prize from the Tooth Fairy!

His report card from the 2nd semester was better than the first!  YEAH!  I have yet to put him on meds.  We are just working really hard with him.  I hope it pays off!  He is still my loving boy who will help anyone, and even invites the Walmart cashier over for dinner!

New Years 2008


I had plans to go out with Franni, but my babysitter cancelled during the day.  I ended up being in a funk that night (lol, hadn’t showered for a couple of days, ewww).  Around 9pm a friend called and told me to get out of my funk, go shower and make myself presentable, as I didn’t want to start the new year in a funk!


Confession:  I love dresses.  I love dresses!  I have many a dress, that I have bought, then hung in my closet.  Tags and all.  So, after drinking some wine, then some champagne, I showered, did my hair, and wore my dresses!  Yes, ALL of them!


The Drinks


The Meal


The ambiance (fireplace lol)




Date #1: Out!  Not the blue eyed one, but the one under the blanket!


Date #2: OUT!


Date #3:  AHA!  Awake!


He is ready to Party!  (love the wall art?)


Big Mouths!


Mama and her baby!


What a boy!

Christmas 2008


Yes, I’m going back this far!

The boys loved it!  Santa and the reindeer came.  We left them a plate of homemade sugar cookies, some milk, and carrots.  Of course they ate it all up!  Santa left foot prints around the living room, we forgot to clean out the ashes from the fireplace!

Mike stayed the night Christmas eve, so he’d be here when the boys woke up.  Ohhh, the reaction of them!  The excitement in thier little voices about how Santa came.  I love it!  I wish Christmas would come more often.

The funniest thing, when the reindeer eat the carrots, they leave a mess, ya know, carrot crumbs!  While in the middle of opening gifts, I found Timmy over there eating the carrot crumbs!  I told him to stop, as they were nasty.  He said, “But I’m hungry Mama!”  LOL!

The boys got a Wii from Santa (and Lola and Grandpa), which they love!  It’s so funny to watch Brennen and Zachary box!  They can’t seem to punch and sway side to side, so it ends up being them shaking thier butts!  HA!










Timothy Peyton


Ahhh, my Baby!

His birthday was December 21st. 

I was pregnant with him during my first semester of nursing school.  My big belly would get in the way when I raised the bed up high, and to this day, I forget to raise it!  We did finals that semester, and a week later I went to the doctor, at 40 weeks, and he said we should wait another week before we induce.  I told him that I was having this baby tomorrow, and was going to come in tonight, and didn’t care WHO induced me, but I wanted this baby out, and HAD to go back to school in three weeks!  LOL!  Needless to say, I was there that night, induction was started, and after a rough labor, I had him the next morning at 9:48.  My biggest baby of all, 8pound 13 oz, and 21 inches!  Of course, now he’s the smallest, but has the biggest heart, mouth, and blackest eyes!

Timmy wanted a ‘hot wheel speed racer’ cake, so that’s what he got!  We went to Little Rock and went to PlaytimePizza, which is like Chuck E Cheese, but bigger (indoor go karts, mini putt putt, laser tag, games, full buffet) and more expensive.  The boys (and Mom and Dad) had a blast!