He is doing great!  He has mastered his addition, and now they are on subtraction!  He still rocks the books and reads everything in sight!  He loves to play Xbox at Dads and Wii at my house, but chores and school work comes first!  I can’t believe how big he is!  His first tooth is loose (damn, not the ghetto silver ones)!  He told me, “I have a plan.  Let’s get some apples and I’ll eat it, and my tooth will get stuck and come out”!  He’s so excited for it to come out, and to get his prize from the Tooth Fairy!

His report card from the 2nd semester was better than the first!  YEAH!  I have yet to put him on meds.  We are just working really hard with him.  I hope it pays off!  He is still my loving boy who will help anyone, and even invites the Walmart cashier over for dinner!


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