Christmas 2008


Yes, I’m going back this far!

The boys loved it!  Santa and the reindeer came.  We left them a plate of homemade sugar cookies, some milk, and carrots.  Of course they ate it all up!  Santa left foot prints around the living room, we forgot to clean out the ashes from the fireplace!

Mike stayed the night Christmas eve, so he’d be here when the boys woke up.  Ohhh, the reaction of them!  The excitement in thier little voices about how Santa came.  I love it!  I wish Christmas would come more often.

The funniest thing, when the reindeer eat the carrots, they leave a mess, ya know, carrot crumbs!  While in the middle of opening gifts, I found Timmy over there eating the carrot crumbs!  I told him to stop, as they were nasty.  He said, “But I’m hungry Mama!”  LOL!

The boys got a Wii from Santa (and Lola and Grandpa), which they love!  It’s so funny to watch Brennen and Zachary box!  They can’t seem to punch and sway side to side, so it ends up being them shaking thier butts!  HA!











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