I’m doing ok.  Really I am.  I have been to therapy, and that helps.  I have met with a lawyer and have been dealing with that kind of stuff.  I still get really emotional, especially at night, when the kids are in bed, and it’s more lonely.  But I am ok.  And I will be.  I’m slowly cutting off resources and emotions for stuff and being more independent.

Tonight is girls night!  Just a couple of us are going, so I’m excited.  In February a BUNCH of us are going to stay over night in Memphis, out on Beale Street, which we are ALL excited for!

I have lost some weight (22 pounds in fact).  I weigh less now than when I first got pregnant.  Of course then, I had more muscle!  I’ve started to go to the gym, even getting on a team for a “dare to be lean” challenge.  I bought a wii fit!  I am eating healthly, most times.  But never drink enough water!

I still love my job.  I love weekend option, even though my weekends are shot, I love being off for 5 days during the week with the boys.  It was a good decision for me!  I’m researching other BSN programs that I can do, since my plans to start in the fall at Tech have gone through.

I want to thank all my friends, both here local and out of state, my in real life friends, online pals, and those who I’ve known back in the day who have all been supportive with thoughts and words of advice.  I take each one of your words and listen very carefully!  I love each of you and thank you for being there for me.



P.S.  Yes, my Christmas tree is still up


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  1. I have a lot of respect for RNs and the long, grueling hours they endure for pretty low pay. You are doing a great job of “keeping it all together” in spite of your tumultuous life, and I love your attitude.

    Take care,

    Take the Reins

  2. Hi! Try an online RN-to-BSN program. I’m in one through the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, but there are many, many options! Take your time or go as fast as you want. As an RN, you appreciate what you are learning much more than if you just did a BSN program from the start!

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