Yes, he gets two!

I love being home with him!!!  He’ll tell me, “Hurry Mama!  Diego is on!  Sit wif my and watch”!  Then we’ll both climb on the couch and cuddle under the blanket.  He has picked up his numbers (up to 20) and his ABCs from his brothers.  His big black eyes suck everyone in.  He has the toothiest grin and cracks me up.  And OMG!  His feet!  They stink!  Socks always come off and he’ll wear his shoes without them, and *gag* his feet stink! 

He is so imaginative, and comes up with the funniest things!  A plastic lid to a storage box can be a wakeboard, a boat, or his car.  It’s so funny!  He got a bike for his birthday and LOVES it!

Best of all, he’s POTTY TRAINED!  Yes!  NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!!!!  He does still have an occastional accident, but he does such a great job.


I’m so blessed.  I have three wonderful boys, each so different, but yet the same.  I love them so much!


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