This boy is so hard to read!  He loves to annoy his brothers, and I endlessly have to tell him not to stick out his tounge, or whatever may be his rude skill of the day.  But he manages to get his two smilies at school each day!  He has two best friends at school, Hunter and Owen, and loves to play with them!  Preschool rocks!  He knows his numbers (up to 30 so far), ABCs, shapes, colors, etc.  I’m hoping they start writing soon!

He is the one I have a hard time getting love out of.  But sometimes he just totally surprises me and snuggles, or comes and gives me a hug.  So very sweet.  When I get those sweet surprises, I love it and am sure to tell him so!

I can’t believe he will be five in a few weeks!  He is as tall as ever, a good head’s worth over his classmate, and always within half an inch to an inch of Brennen.


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