Hello gorgeous


One of my favorite movies, Funny Girl.  I haven’t seen it in years, maybe I’ll go buy it today.

My life is so good right now.  I miss blogging, but really haven’t FELT like blogging.  I really have taken a break from my computer (ok, ok, except facebook), but to all my pals, friends, and Mommy Rockers, I miss you very much!

Wow, I just looked, NEW YEARS!  Wow!   How much stuff has happened since then.

Trash talk first (I know you want to know).  Mike and I have fought and argued, came to an agreement, and fought again over custody and the divorce.  It really wasn’t that bad actually.  Some mean things were said on both sides, but encouraging things too.  We’ll make it and try our best to be kind for the boys.  He needs to go sign the papers, and then the divorce decree will be taken to the judge and signed.  Viola! 

I went through some rough periods here and there the last few months.  Did some partying, craziness ya know!  But that’s not me, and I felt like another person, who I am not.  But in the recent weeks, through my wonderful and dearest friends, I have been reminded of the woman I once was, and am slowly starting to find.  I love it.  I love laughing with them, dancing, being involved in my life instead of watching it go around me.  My self confidence is coming back, my sense of humor, my ability to be strong for myself and others, instead of living in a vat of self pity and misery.  You really don’t realize how you were, until you get out.

I physically feel good.  I can wear a size six now.  YES A SIZE FREAKING SIX!!!!  I haven’t been that since before  moved here!  I love it!  Of course I still have that mommy gut and butt and legs, but who cares!  LMAO!  I try to go to the gym 3-4 times a weeks, working my way up to 5.  I love it, I feel so much better being all sweaty and feeling my muscles work!  The kids love it too, they have a great child day, where the do kid fit and take the older kids out and work with them on physical activities.

My bestie girl friends and I took a trip to Memphis at the beginning of February.  It was awesome!  Just awesome!  I have a ton of pics, but here are just a few.  We drank and ate and danced and drank all night!   It really was a blast.







memphis-052 memphis-051



I really don’t know where I’d be today if I didn’t have my friends.  Chris, Heather, Karen, Franni, Heather, Carissa, LindsEy, Chas, Renee, Samantha, Val, Wendy, all my online Mommy pals  my Hoff and Ranter girls, Allen, James, Phillip, Greg, and so many more.  Some are old, some are new friends.  Each one holds a place in my heart.  They have been there for me and checked if I’m ok, offered their help and ears, hugs and shoulders.   All y’all are wonderful!

I’m not sure about moving yet.  I really do love living here.  As I said up above, my friends have been really wonderful to me.  I know all this divorce shit sucks, but all I want is what is best for the boys.  In that, I cannot forsee taking them away from thier dad.  He is an good Dad, and the boys love him dearly.  I don’t see how moving them away can be better for them, depsite my family being there if we move.  It’s such a tough choice.  The boys and I are going to Nebraska next week, first time I’ve been home since October 2004.  Can you believe that?  Timothy has never even been to the great flat land.  HA! 

I’m not posting about the boys today, maybe later.  I just want y’all to know (if you are still reading) that I am really great.  I’m in a good place (after fighting with the flu) right now.



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