Friday Night Fe-Vah!


This was the first Friday night in many Fridays that I’ve been alone.  Odd huh?!?  Usually I’m with Heather, but she has gone back to work.  I’m sure she won’t mind me to give an update.  Her baby D had open heart surgery a month ago.  He did wonderful and has recovered well.  He’s 9 weeks now and is the most beautiful baby ever!  I love Heather to death, and we’ve been great friends over the last few months, both relying on one other for support and encouragement.  And OH!  How we laugh!  O.M.G.   Do we ever laugh!  I love you Heather!

So even though all my pals were working or doing other things, I got a sitter and went out.  First stop, Starbucks.  Venti Non-Fat Caramel Macchiatto (if you read my blog, you should’ve known that).  MMMMM, Heavenly delicious in the rain!  Next,  Maurices.  Heather is my shopping buddy and we love to go here.  It just wasn’t the same without her!  But I did manage to buy a cute shirt.  Next, shoes at Shoe Carnival and a quick trip to TJ Maxx.

I spent the most time in Books A Million (and the most money).  I bought the book Fireproof, by Eric Wilson.  I heard the movie is a must watch for relationships, husband/wife stuff.  A little late, but maybe I can find something in the book to guide me in the future.  I also bought Same Kind of Different As Me, by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.  Not sure what it’s about, but it was on the best seller aisle, lol.  I got my favorite magazine full of advice that I ignore, Self.  I have had a subscription to the magazine probably for the last 6 years, until last fall.  I love it, but never do anything they say to do, lol.  Maybe now that I’m working out and such I will.

My odd purchase, that I had no intention of buying was a Bible.  Crazy huh?!?!  Going to church is something I grew up on.  I have great memories of all our youth rallies and weeks of summer camp.  I have so many friends from those days.  The church I grew up in was very strict, I call it a fire and brimstone church.  Later, in my early twenties, I found one in Colorado Springs that was more of God’s grace and love and forgiveness.  It was a large church, but I enjoyed it.  But since about 2000, I haven’t been.   I asked Mike several times in the last year to go as a family, as I think it’s important for the boys to have some type of religious background.  But I wandered the store for a few hours and just felt like I needed one.  Granted, I do have a couple in my cedar chest my uncle built for me years ago, but they are of the past, and wanted one new, clean, fresh.  A clean start.  I felt hopeful when I picked one out, maybe a sense of contentment.  🙂


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