Beautiful Things!


What a day!  It’s gorgeous outside!  The lake is finally full and just beautiful.  I saw a party barge out on the water this afternoon and was instantly jealous!  It’s too cold to get in, but to be able just to float out there in the warm sunshine would be wonderful!!!!

My outlook as just been so positive lately.  I feel good mentally and emotionally.  I feel hopeful about the future and what is yet to come.  I do get made at certain things, but then remind myself, is it worth it?  Is it worth being an angry upset person over this situation?  I think about it, and how I can make it better, or not even occur again.  It’s something I’ve learned to do over the last months.  I can see how people can easily get drug down into their own misery by constantly dwelling on the negative stuff.  My friends have truly been a blessing for me, always encouraging and prodding me up when I needed it.  I really honestly cannot say thank you enough.

Brennen got in the car today, and was sooo excited to show me a “great surprise!”   If you remember, last year the boys had Easter pictures done (SEE HOW CUTE THEY ARE).  Well this year, they put one of their pictures on the flier!  I was so excited!  🙂  Check it out!  They are in the top corner.  Granted, they SHOULD be in the main picture, but I’m still so excited!



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