Live From Western Nebraska


scottsbluffHowdy howdy!  Life is Good.  Well kind of.  We are here in Western Nebraska!!!

I knew I was nuts, but I proved myself, uh to myself this week.  I worked last weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Off Tuesday.  Woke up Wednesday morning at 6am did the taking the boys to school, errands, etc.  Went to work that night, the next day I did the Doc appointment, errands, laundry, gym, etc.   I passed out after being up from Wednesday 6 am until 11 pm on Thursday!  Thursday I packed most of our stuff, waking at 720 Friday morning, loaded the car, showered and bathed myself and the boys and we were in the car and at Starbucks by 820 AM! 

My original plan was to stop in Wichita Kansas and stay the night.  We stopped in Fort Smith and had lunch with Robbie, a friend of mine.  As we came into Wichita, around 5 pm,  I thought that we should keep going.  We stopped outside McPherson Kansas where the boys ran wild at a McD’s with a play place.  We trudged on, stopping for gas and to pee.  All three boys were in the back of the Honda with DVDs to watch.  As the night went on, I decided to go all the way.  Yes.  I did.  We ended up in Scottsbluff at 230 am (Mt Time)  (330 Arkansas time).  1104 miles, 19 hours total.  WOW.  My boys were amazing.  They really were.  A few spats here and there, but overall totally amazing!

Friday was spent seeing my family, touring the town (all of 10 minutes).  I got to see my 21 year old sister Stephanie for the first time since 2004.  She’s about 32 weeks pregnant and cute as can be!  The three of us sisters went for a late afternoon lunch at Applebees.  We stopped at my Dad’s shop and saw him and my brother Joshua.  Again, I haven’t seen Josh since I was here in 2004. 

I went to dinner with a friend from high school, Greg and had a nice time.  Then the two of us met my family at Stephanie’s Bar/Club.  Everyone except Dad of course, who hung out with the boys at home.  And OH. MY. GOD.  We had a B.L.A.S.T!  We danced and drank all freaking night long!  All four of us siblings and my Mom!  So fun!  After the bar closed, we hung out there and drank some more until about 7 AM!  Some of Josh’s friends were there (who also work for my Dad), Steph’s Finance (Doyle) and their employees.  Beer Pong, Tippy Cup, dancing etc!  So much fun!  We did beer relays, where I learned that I can chug a bottle of beer in about 10 seconds.  Impressive!  I really had a great time, and got a look from Dad as I wandered in at 9 am in the morning!

Mom did leave the bar about 2 am.  Funny story here.  All night long I was introduced at the “older sister” or the “older daughter.”  Yeah.  Ha. Ha.  Finally we determined I now can be called the TALLEST sister instead.  It was  a big joke all night, and gave us a good laugh.

I had some sad news from a dear friend of mine who I love and care for very much.  I can’t go into details, but wanted this to be put here so when I print all this into a book, I can remember the heartache I felt for my friend today.  I love you!

Today was relaxation and SLEEP!  We grilled and sat outside in the warm weather.  Really nice.  Everyone came over, Me and the boys, Mom and Dad, Josh, Ashley and Chris, and Stephanie and Doyle.  Oh and Cashmere and Domino, Josh’s dogs!  It was such a nice afternoon and so relaxing to sit out in the warm sunshine.

I have no idea what is planned for the rest of the week. I will go see a old friend Julie sometime.  And have lunch with another old friend, Lisa, who was at the bar last night with Char (the 3 of us danced and shook it).   I’m enjoying myself and just relaxing!

Golden Baby!  Golden!

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