My Children are SPOILED



Very much so.  The first day we were here, Lola (my Mom) took them to Target and they each got a new toy, including a new wii game.  Then they got the bag of books, toys, etc that I had bought for the trip here.   They’ve had cookies, ice cream, candy, gum, you name it, they got it.  They don’t get all this at home from me!  No way!

We went to Wal*Mart to get a few things for dinner (how’d I get roped into making dinner again?) and all I heard was they never get toys, they have nothing, the new game is borrrring, I’m no fair, blah, blah, blah.  So mean Mommy buys them the new Disney Bolt movie (soo cute, a must see)!

So we go to Target again (yes, I was bored today).  Again, I hear the same thing. I never get anything.  I never get to have a watch (really, what does a 5 year old who can’t read much less tell time  need a  $15 watch for),  you are no fair!  I never get a new wii game, I never . . .  .yeah you get the point.  Of course all this is complete and total lies.

I let them convince me that they need a $7 watch.  Two seconds after they have a hold of it, I hear, “I want a toy, I never get toys.”  GRRRRR.   I make them put the watches back.  Then we argued in the dollar spot aisle.  No, you DO NOT need a pink rolling pin.  Yes, I realize you never get to have one.  Poor you.  So then we go to the sports card aisle.  I tell them they can have a small pack of $1.99 cards (Star wars, Mario Bros, etc).  They try to pick up every $20 plus box of cards.  GRRR.  So FINNALLLLY (10 minutes of deciding) after they make a choice we leave.

We get home, play in the snow for a few minutes, open the cards and then 5 minutes later, what do I find ~ yup, just laying there, being ignored.


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  1. You need my canned mommy response: “Is it your birthday? No. Is it Christmas? No. Then you don’t get anything else.”

    Then pack them up & leave. 😉 You’ll have to put up with whining & crying, but they’ll know that mama MEANS business. 😉

    BTDT & it works.

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