A Vacation In Numbers




2300.8 miles driven

19 hours straight driving (yeah, I should’ve stayed over night) one way

7 days gone

3 nephews happy to see their aunts and uncle

1 brother who needs a hair cut and loved his nephews

2 beautiful sisters

2 grandparents to dump the kids on

92 gallons of gas

7 books brought

0 books finished

4 movies bought

$1.89 cheapest gas paid for

$2.39 most pricey gas paid for

68 warmest temp seen (Arkansas)

21 coldest temp seen (Wichita, not counting windchill)

7 AM, time we came home Saturday, err Sunday Morning

29 dance moves I can do

0 beers I actually paid for (make that alcohol in general!)

129387489247 beers I drank

6 seconds I can chug a beer

4 shots of Vegas bombs

2 shots of tequila

1 margarita

3 meals I cooked

193 times I went thru my sister’s stuff

1923 times I was called the OLDER sister (grrr)

45 times I heard the song “Apple Bottom Jeans”

1 ball I actually hit into the pool table

9 happy meals

3 bags of hot tamales consumed

3 bags of sunflower seeds

15 minutes it to drive through the entire town of Scottsbluff

25 mph the speed limit

10 pounds of Salmon I bought and cooked

1 dirty look from Dad when I walked in at 8 am (hehe)

2 great dogs my brother has

2 warm weather days

3 yucky days

50 mph winds on Monday

2 trips to walmart

2 trips to Target

5 Starbucks I found along the way

$3.99 the cost of Dan’s 6 pack of beer!

3 sets of guns bought at the Bass Pro Shop

Too Many Times

                  ‘where are we’ was asked

                  ‘are we there yet’ said

                  ‘how much longer’

                  ‘what state are we in?’

                  ‘why are we STILL in _______(NE, KS, OK)

                   ‘i’m hungry was said’

                   ‘i have to go to the bathroom’


Plenty of

                     laughs with friends and family

                     memories made

                     hugs and kisses

                     good times

                     pictures taken

                     friends missed in AR

                     old friends seen

                     tears shed

Not enough





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