Please Pray for Me


I feel myself sinking back into a depression again.  I don’t want to go back that way.  I was feeling and doing so well, so happy and free feeling.  This has nothing to do with Mike and the divorce.   I have strong, deep feelings for another person, who for various reasons I cannot be with.  I told him that and am trying to let him go, but with that is my heart and my happiness.  

Is it silly that one’s happiness evolves being with someone?   That I cannot be the happy, fun person I was without someone?  Does that make me needy?  I really don’t know.  I feel like shuttin gmyself off from everyone, so I don’t get hurt, so I don’t have people leave me, there won’t be any feelings to be spared.

I need to find that person, strong, funny, organized (that one is really lost), beautiful Janet.  I know she is in here somewhere.


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  1. Janet,
    We all love you. I will pray for you. I too am just as lost and confused because here I now have my exhusband who was horrible to me, now being the best man a woman could ask for. I just wanna run away from it all. You are a very strong woman, I think about it everyday how I wish I was as strong as you. Also, you are an awesome mother. Your boys are extremly lucky to have you! ily!

  2. Janet, You have to learn to be happy with yourself. This is probably the hardest thing to do. You have some awesome kids and they deserve a happy mom. Dig deep down and find yourself and be happy with you. Once you find that happiness then God will send you a wonderful person to share that happiness with you and your boys. You are a strong woman, build on that. Know that others are praying for you.

  3. Janet, I’ve only known you for about a month but I could tell immediately that you were a strong and funny person. Anyone that’s ever been to your facebook page can also tell that you have tons of great friends. It’s okay to feel like you are falling off the wagon sometimes. Nobody can be strong 24/7 365. Times like these are when you lean on your friends the most. The people you chose to spend time with show what you think of yourself and your place in the world, so it’s only natural to allow relationships to define yourself to a certain extent. In no way does this make you needy.

    Let’s look at it this way. You have many great friends, an important career, and 3 awesome kids (even if one likes to pick his nose! Haha j/k). Focus on the positives and keep your head up. Sometimes the heart needs more time to heal than we would like to let it. If you need to talk/vent/cry, call a good friend. Whenever Ryan or I get angry or frustrated about anything we call each other and vent a bit and then we are good. It doesn’t even matter if the other person never really says anything, just the fact that someone who cares about you is listening.

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