What The Heck Have I Done???


Let’s preface this with the fact that MOST times I do think things out, rationalizing them to the fullest, trying to view things from every point of view possible.  Let’s also add that sometimes, I do things on a whim.  Like today,  I wanted a new purse.  So I bought one.  Wanted some new earrings, so I bought some.  Sigh.  What have I done.


Heather, next time I get a itch in my ass to do something, tell me to stop.








Yeah,  I know.  Really, technically the boys CONNED me into it.


The little Yorkie is Honeybun, about 11 or 12 years old.  She only has 3 teeth and needs to be fed soft foods.  Her poor little lip hangs from the lack of teeth.  She looks like a stroke patient!    The terrier mix is Sunny, she is an ‘adult’ which is anything over a year old.  Hyper little thing she is!  They both came from the same home, and it was heartbreaking to think about breaking them apart!  Poor little Honeybun (MY dog) is going to be pampered at the doggie spa tomorrow.  🙂  I’ll deal with Sunny’s bath later tonight.

Yes, I am crazy.


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