April Showers Brings May Flowers



I normally really love May.  It’s my birthday month.  It’s springtime.  It’s my time. 

I’m going to get out of this funk, some way some how.  I will not become the Janet I was a few months ago.  I’m better than that. 

What does one think of during the last days before their birthday?  The last year of course.  Thankfully I have this blog to use to go back. 

First and foremost, Health.  Thank God that I have good health and so do my boys.  Besides a nasty bout of flu that had me in bed and the boys eating pizza for four nights, we have been really healthy.  I’m very grateful for that.  I know many families with children and the parents themselves severely and even terminally ill.  I am blessed with three (over ornery) healthy boys.  Very destructive boys might I add.

My job.  Thankfully last year I was able to get my RN degree and am in a position where I can work two to three days a week and support my boys, and not have to put any of them in daycare.    I do love my job, and hope to start in a Masters program within the next year.

Really, anything else, who cares?  I have a nice car, a good house, but do those things really matter?  I guess it’s a privilege to have them, but they are not needed.  I am thankful to have them though.

Of course the big news is my divorce, which is still going on (arguing over child stuff).  It sucks, but I’m over it.  He’s moved on, I’ve moved on.  It just needs to end.  It really does.

I’ll reflect more over the year and my birthday (because remember, May is all about ME).

And my Birthday is May 24th.  I never get flowers (it’s been 8 years?), love shoes (size 9.5), and large gaudy bags.  Jewelry is nice too.  Oh, and maid service.  🙂

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