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Love This Girl!




This is my bestest friend in the whole wide world!  We are like sisters!  I love you Heather!


Mother’s Day (Weekend)



The plan for the weekend is that I was going to work my normal Saturday and Sunday night, and Mike would take the boys on Sunday to see his Mom in Louisiana.  So the boys and I spread out our Mother’s day.


Friday after school the boys excitedly gave me their gifts from school.  Zachary gave me a potted plant, which he painted a lovely purple color.  But of course, by the time we made it home, the plant itself had been pulled out of the pot and thrown at me in the front seat.  Nice!  Brennen brought home a lovely cook book, recipes gathered by the first graders in their class.  Each child gave the recipe and directions on how to make their favorite dish their Mother makes for them.  Here’s Brennen’s:

Brennen’s Mom

Vegetable Soup

Cut up potato, onion, green beans, corn and peas

Put these in a pan

Add water and 2 cans of soup

Cook it for 12 hours

Put it in a bowl and eat

Now, let me tell you, I don’t know when I last actually made soup, but I know it’s been several years.  And I want to you know that I carefully and lovingly cut up each and every little green pea by hand.  Here are two others I liked:

Jed’s Mom

Green Beans with Cheese Inside

Get a can of green beans

Open the can

Put yellow cheese inside green bean

Warm it up by pressing Start 1 Time

I bet Jed’s Mother uses as much love as I do as she adds cheese to the inside of each green bean.

Seth’s Mom

Spaghetti and Noodles

Put water in a pan

Add 1 cup sugar

Cook it for 451 minutes

Add the spaghetti

Put noodles on the side of it

Put tiny green stuff

Put ice in a cup to cool it down

451 minutes?  Wow.  And I’m still trying to figure out how putting ice in a cup fits into all of this.

Kids are so funny!

So Friday night I decided to take the boys to the fairgrounds where they had a carnival and a derby.  For those of you who don’t know what a derby is (I didn’t until I moved down South), it’s a bunch of cars that chase one another around and ram into each other until there is only one car left.  I guess it’s really called a demolition derby, but whatever.  I had asked Heather’s sister about the time it started, which is said 7pm.  My friend Darren came with us, and after we ate some way over priced garbage, we sat in the very empty stadium about 6:50 pm.  Yeah, the damn show didn’t start until 7:30.  No problem, except for the impatient 3, 5, and 7 year old with us.  After waiting about 10 minutes, they wanted to go.  I prefer my boys to sit and behave, but they prefer to run up and down the stairs, roll on the dirty seats, and climb the railings.  Grrr.  Finally the show started and because of the long wait, the boys wanted to go after the first heat.  But I made them see all four heats.

Then we went and rode the rides.  Holy crap.  Tickets were a dollar each and the rides were 3 tickets.  So it was $9 for each ride for us!  Ouch!  Needless to say, we didn’t ride many rides.  After a dinner at Applebee’s we went home and the boys’ passed out!


Saturday the boys “took” me to the movies in Benton.  I thought the bigger theater would be cool for them, uh no.  The stairs going up and down the rows were cool, grrr.  We saw Monsters VS Aliens, but only in 2D and not the advertised 3D, which as a disappointment.  I think the boys would have enjoyed it more.  Instead I spent most of my time chasing Timmy up and down the stairs and convincing the other two not to move their booster seats over and over again!

After a nasty fight Saturday night with Mike (yeah, I had his divorce papers served), I ended up having to work, as my wonderful bosses said to take the night off.  So I drove like a speed demon to Little Rock, caught a show at the Looney Bin with Heather and Lisa.  It was Lisa’s bachelorette party, they already had the passion party, then the comedy club, and then a night out on the Riverfront.   But Heather and I came back to town, and went to her Mom’s house.  Don, Darren, her Mom, Dylan, Mason (Heather’s brother) hung out, drank some hunch punch (google it), beer and some even bubbled up the jager.  We hung out in the hot tub and had a blast.   I won’t tell you who, but one of us got itchy, eyes all puffy, chewed up some benedryl and then passed out.  After some good sternal rubbing and nail bed pressing, they woke up.  lol, of course they don’t remember it.  And duh, it’s not me, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to tell you about it.

Sunday, Darren took me out on his 4 wheeler.  It was cold, wet, and not too muddy.  At one point we had to go over a creek, but there was a huge branch in the way.  Darren got off and pulled the limb back and told me to drive the 4 wheeler through the water and up the hill.  Uh no.  Major freak out.  Mind you, he had just got this thing, and if you know me, my driving skills aren’t so good.  That and I don’t know how to drive them!  He instructed me  on moving the gear shift thingy to “H” and then gas it.  Umm, where is the gas.  Oh the thumb thing on the right.  Got it.  I gunned it up the freaking hill, and damn it.  He didn’t tell me how to stop!  lmao, so I let go and put my hands in the air, and yelled , “how do you stop this thing!”  LMAO.  Yes, I now know how.  Geesh.  Of course he has told Don and Heather and the teasing doesn’t stop.  Darren made me a delicious homemade pizza, in which he buried his pieces in ranch dressing (ODD)!

That night I had to work.  It was a good night.  But I was sad that my ex didn’t have my kids call me and wish me a Happy Mother’s Day.  Oh well.

Next post, how I went to Jail on Monday Morning . . . .

Plan of Action



Back in the day, when I managed restaurants, we always had to have a plan of action.  Depending on what area you were a manager of depended on your plan.  A plan to lower food costs, labor costs, etc, etc, etc.

I have started my plan of action.  I filled out my financial aid information (FAFSA).  Yup, sure did!  I’ve been in contact with UCA and UAMS, and getting advice on whether I should get my BSN or go right into my MSN.  I’m excited, but afraid of the cost!  UCA tuition is $206 for undergraduate and $245.50 for graduate – Per credit hour!  ACK!  UAMS is $198 and $281, respectively.  WOW.  Just WOW.

I’m hoping to start this fall, if not January at the latest.  🙂  Wish me luck!  (OMG, what the heck am I thinking, going back to school!!!!!!!)