Plan of Action



Back in the day, when I managed restaurants, we always had to have a plan of action.  Depending on what area you were a manager of depended on your plan.  A plan to lower food costs, labor costs, etc, etc, etc.

I have started my plan of action.  I filled out my financial aid information (FAFSA).  Yup, sure did!  I’ve been in contact with UCA and UAMS, and getting advice on whether I should get my BSN or go right into my MSN.  I’m excited, but afraid of the cost!  UCA tuition is $206 for undergraduate and $245.50 for graduate – Per credit hour!  ACK!  UAMS is $198 and $281, respectively.  WOW.  Just WOW.

I’m hoping to start this fall, if not January at the latest.  🙂  Wish me luck!  (OMG, what the heck am I thinking, going back to school!!!!!!!)


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  1. from what i have read of your blog entries, you will have no problem with your educational endeavors. you have the smarts. it is pretty obvious!!

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