Camping May 2009


After having our camping plans on Lake Ouachita cancelled due to the darn rain, I was able to find us a campsite on Lake DeGray.  Shouse Ford was a great place, our site was right where we could park the boats, close to the swimming area and bathrooms.  We were so excited for this trip!  It was me, Brennen, Zachary, Timothy, Heather, Dylan, Don, Austin, Freda, Steve, Darren and various other guests who stopped by.  It was really a blast.  We stayed from Wednesday night through Saturday night.  The weather was great, nice and cool, warm enough to swim.  The boys got so sunburned on their shoulders, even though I buried them in SPF 50 several times!  We had plenty of food and drink, attack squirrels and mouthy crows.  The boys swam and rode bikes, learned how to play dominoes, had awesome water fights with Freda, and had a perfect beginning to their summer.

We had some unruly visitors that annoyed us, and some tent pad issues, but all was well.  We were relaxed and it was just great fun!  I actually wore a bikini in public for the first time in my life!  ACK!  LMAO!

We had Brennen’s birthday party out there, Mike, Lindsey and Fos came out for cake and gifts.  It was awesome!  We had great campfires and did smore’s.  The beer was always kept cold and there was plenty of it!  Three tents, two boats, a bottle of tequila, lots of rum, Heather’s mojitos, 12 bags of chips, a trip into town for milkshakes, a freezing boat ride at night, and lots of laughs completed our weekend!  I have more pics, as soon as I can get them from Heather!




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