Zachary John-Michael


Wow, what a man!  He finished out Pre-K a little rough, getting in trouble a bunch.  Outbursts, throwing chairs and stuff.  I’m not sure if the divorce is getting to him, or if he is just needing more attention.  I try very hard to give it to him!  He can be very loving, but it has to be on his terms and his time.  He loves his blanket and his bunny  and puppy dog Smokey (or Blackie, or Storm, or whatever his name is at the current time).  He is so huge!  Head and shoulders over the other pre-k kids!  He is very smart and loves to help me cook!  I get asked all the time if him and Bren are twins and of course they are 20.5 months apart!   He loves to pretend play, mostly that he is wakeboarding or riding a motorcycle (hmmm, where did he get those ideas???).  I learned the other day at the pool that he can swim!!!  He has a great smile and I love him!!!




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