I have the bestest Sons Ever!


Today has been rough, well since yesterday.  Things unknown, things not said.  Status quo changed of relationships, eh, enough of that for now.

I was on the couch, and started to cry (again) while talking to a friend, and my sweet, sweet Timmy came up to me and started singing his famous Tweeknle Tweenkle Wittle Star.   Any time he sings to me I tell him that he makes me soo happy.  When he finished, I have a huge smile on my face, despite my tears, and he sticks his big black eyes in my face and says “My Mama is happpy!!!!”  Then Brennen hugs me and all three of them sing to me.  It’s amazing how kids do that to you.  They can wipe away your sorrow and pain, and bring out that smile in you.  I love my boys.


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  1. Awww! I need them to sing away my heartache….my lil Gus isn’t sweet enough to sing away my tears! lol…lil devil!

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