To my favorite purse, the big red gaudy one, I will miss you.  To my lovely lavender coach wallet, I will truly miss you.  Sigh. 

No, I did not lose my stuff.  Sadly, my car was mugged.  In my driveway.  Yes, the same driveway/carport the lawnmower and stuff was in.  DAMN IT!  It’s so aggravating to have to call all these stupid places and cancel stuff and what not.

Tuesday night I came home from the lake, park, and Wal*Mart and left my purse in my car, the trunk to be exact.   At 8pm, my Mother In Law brought the kids home, one of them unlocked my car and got something out of it, and we went on with our night.  Wednesday night around 5pm we get in the car to go swimming at Heather’s, and the glove compartment, and middle consoles are dumped out (and as an after thought I also closed the trunk when we went out there).  I got on the kids for getting into my stuff and off we went.  When we got home that night, I went to pull out my purse (I have a day-planner thing that I’ve kept times/dates of things with the Ex and kids) and of course it was gone.  GRRR.  Don said that when he came to my house that afternoon (around lunch time) all that stuff was dumped out in my car.  Oddly, the purse thief did not want my large collection of subway straws in my glove compartment.

The Sheriff’s office came out today, nothing to do about it!  I had a $100 in cash, all my normal wallet stuff, and that day-planner.  oh, and my favorite lip-glosses!


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