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Those starry eyes
Those tender lips
You made my heart melt
Then boil into a roaring fire
I now know
What my eyes could not see
You are the only one that is for me
Many nights those tears flew
Being myself without anyone
Anyone to care about the thoughts
Looking at the sky and knowing
Many mistakes I had
Many mistakes I have had





Soooo, what’s up with me?


The End.

Ok, ok.  I kid.  I start school today too!  I’m taking chemistry, ugh.  But it brings me closer to starting the RN-MSN program (Masters degree!) this January.   I’m excited!

Still not divorced, yeah, don’t ask.

Not dating, or going out much!   Just waiting for that someone special to be in my life!   Although I have a date with some awesome gals tonight for some wings, beer, and karoke!

What else?  I work, play Mommy, housekeeper, taxi driver, chef, and all that.  That’s my life in a nutshell!

August Camping!


The boys and I went camping at Denby, on Lake Ouachita.  No electricity, us, a tent, and a fire.  LOVED IT!  We stayed for two nights, and as you can see, a beagle adopted us!  No, we didnt’ take her home with us!

Lions, and Tigers, and Bear! OH MY!









Water Park Fun!


We went to the Arkadelphia water park!  WOOT!  The boys LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!  The went down the big slides and even the diving board!  Brennen completed a forward flip!   Yeah!