All in a nut shell . . . err cup . . .






So being a single mom of three boys brings on new things.  Things girls don’t know about.

Ok, so I do know about pee on the toilet seat.  No matter what I do, except escorting them to the bathroom, they won’t lift the seat UP!    Do most men start this way?  Not able to lift it up, making all the women in their lives sit on a wet pee seat?  And as we harp and nag on them for years, they enter adulthood and never put the seat DOWN?!?! 

Football.  I love football.  Love college ball, and pro ball.  But as to how to put on the uniform, I have no idea.  So for Brennen’s first dressed practice, it was left to me to help him get dressed.  Helmet, check.  Padded pants, check.  Shoulder pads, check.  Jersey, check.  Jock strap, uhhh no check.  After looking inside the pants to see where this thing hooks, and flipping it every other way, I gave up.  I called Heather to ask if I can come over on my way to practice and have Don help.  Sure!  No problem.

I went to load everyone and everything we needed and I told Brennen we were going to Heather’s to help with his weenie cover. 

“Mom!  It goes HERE!!!!”   And he points to the helmet.  Yeah, it’s a chin strap.  Nice job Mom.  Needless to say, H and D, and everyone else got a good belly laugh out of that one.




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  1. double LOL!!! Here’s what I don’t get….that flappy piece of material at the crotch of the pants behind the ties….what’s th point???? why didn’t they just sew it together???

    Gus is so handsome in his football uniform…they grow so fast!

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