<3 Smitty <3


Smitty . . . known to most as this, but to me as Craig, my husband.

Back in mid 2009, my friend Roxanne had been telling me for a while that she wanted me to meet her husband’s old boss, Craig, and that she told him to “friend” me on myspace.  Which he did, and I don’t remember if I accepted or not, but he sent me messages several times just to introduce himself, and I never replied.

One day last fall he added me on facebook, and I accepted . . . we messaged on FB, he said he couldn’t go dancing because of a broken leg, but dinner or a movie would be nice.  I kindly answered but with no promises of meeting.  He thought my princess leia outfit from last halloween was awesome  🙂

Evenutally I went to his house for a movie. 🙂 He answered the door with a white gotee and a walker! HA!  He’d been off work a while because of his broken leg.  🙂  We watched Four Christmases and chatted for a while.

Our second date, we were going to go out to dinner.   Do to an odd set of circumstances, my ex was going to watch the boys at my house, so I told Craig that he didn’t need to come to the door, just to call when he got there and I’d come out.  We ate dinner at Jason’s.  Later he told me he was in so much pain (in his leg), but didn’t want to be goofy so he didn’t take any pain meds.  sweet

Over the next few months we had dinner at one another’s house, hung out during the day (remember he was off work!), and just really got to know one another.   He got to my heart through my boys.  He got on the floor and played with them, craddled them in his lap and read to them.  It was so sweet.

One day we were at the boy scout camp where he was doing some electrical supervising for a friend, and under his breath, as I walked away, he said “I love you” . . . totally took me off guard.

We soon decided to move further, and move my stuff into his house, since we were spending all our free time together.  One night in march we went to dinner, for sushi at Fujis.  I had never had sushi before, and he was so sweet to help me pick things out, and it was delicious.  🙂 The next thing I knew, Craig was on his knee, broken leg and all, and asked me to be his wife.  I was so shocked, so in love, and so I said yes!

We planned on a small wedding, but as weddings go, things and ideas steam-rolled and soon the idea was bigger than we wanted.   So we went and got a marriage license (ok, this is like a week after he asked me), and on March 19, 2010 we drove to Hot Spring County court house and got married!  We asked Roxanne and her husband to stand with us, I picked daffodils that Craig’s Mother had planted (she passed away a few years ago), and I was blessed to have his Mother’s wedding band as mine.   After a sweet wedding, we had a delicious after wedding meal . . . at McDonalds!  HAHA!

On the following Sunday we drove to Nebraska to meet my family.   (pics soon)  We took a day trip to South Dakota to Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse.  We like to say that trip was our honeymoon.  🙂


So we’ve had some adventures, and will have many more!  I love him so much, and he spoils me just rotten!  Not by gifts, but by his actions!  I love you Craig!

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      • I absolutely adored this Janet and I know Smitty, oops I mean Craig just loved it too! That is the sweetest thing I have read in a long time! I am so happy to see both of you guys so happy!! Crazy how everything turns out in the end huh? I pray for both of you and your new family!

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