Ok, Ok, Here we go . . .


Ok, I’m really gonna post something this time, besides a picture and “update soon” . . . lol . . . update  . . . .

Me:  Well, the divorce was final back in October (holla!), it was a pain in the butt and my pocketbook.   Tsh tsh . . . it’s over now.  More on that relationship later.

I’m still working, RN nights, two nights a week, and love it.  I really never thought that I would like beside nursing!  When I graduated I thought I was an ER nurse (which I still love working in the ER), but really like the time I get to spend with the patients and their families on the night shift.  🙂

I’m going back to school, ack.  Yes!  I had started a class for the Summer II session, but it was too much info all at once.  Like  five to six chapters a week and a test, all for five weeks.  So I dropped it and will take it this fall with another class.  And after that I will be in the BSN program starting in January, and hopefully December 2011 I’ll have my BSN.  Woot!  Then to start my Masters . . .  sigh!  🙂

I have another job which I haven’t told many, since I haven’t started, but I’ll be teaching LPN clinicals this fall.  I’m excited about it.  Scared I won’t know the answer, but ready for the experience!!!  I want to teach with my Masters degree, so this is an awesome experience for me!

I have a new puppy, four month old Coco Jules  . . .  a yorkie!  She’s a doll!  More on her later . . .

What else?  Hmmmm . . . .

Oh Shit!  I got married!  LMAO!  Just kidding . . . ok, not kidding about being married, but kidding about forgetting to tell you . . . ok whatever . . .

Yes, I ran off and got married to a wonderful man named Craig!  Along with him came 3 more children, and get this . . . two of them are G*I*R*L*S!  Yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are very happy . . .  well not the girls, but me and Craig . . . well we are happy for the girls, but I meant . . .  geesh, nevermind!  More on me and Craig later 🙂

Boys . . . they are so awesome!  So grown up! 

Brennen is a reading machine still!  Right now he is missing his top front tooth and the one to the side of it, so he’s goofy looking!  Ahhhh,but still so sweet . . . such a loving boy!  He will be in third grade this fall.  WOW!  Because we moved into Craig’s house, we are in a different school district, so this fall will be interesting . . . . dropping the lakeside rams and becoming Lake Hamilton Wolves!  That’s ok, I don’t look good in blue and gold 🙂

Zachary, O.M.G.  He is taller than Brennen!  Yes he is!  Poor kiddo is gonna be long and leggy like his Daddy!  He is so smart, errr Zach (not the Daddy, hehe).  He loves to read too, and do math!  What a goof.  He’s gotta be silly about everything too.  He loves to cuddle with me.  He currently is missing his bottom teeth.  Yes, the tooth fairy has been busy at my house!

And Timmy . . . ahhhhh, melts my heart.  I can’t believe he will be in preschool this fall!  I’m told by the Ex and by Craig that I baby him too much and need to stop 😦  but he’s my BAAAABEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   sigh . . .

ok, that’s about it for now . . . I’ll post some pics here in a bit too

Love y’all!


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