I love weekends like this, full of activities and family time! 

The kids and I spent most of the week in the water, either at Magic Springs, or the lake.  It’s been so hot though, that the lakes feel like warm bath water.  

On Fridays Craig is off, which is a treat for us!  We went to Degray, to the Shouse Ford area (one of my favorite places to camp).  It was nice, but the water is way down, making the swim areas smaller (I found this to be true on Lake Ouachita  the week before).  But, we swam none-the-less!  And fished.  My poor pink fishing pole has seen lots of water and castings, and yet no fish.  😦 Someday I’ll get my first fish! 

Friday night we got some movies, Book of Ei, Pink Panther 2, and Missing Lynx.  The last one wasn’t anything to remember, but the kids loved it.  PP2 was funny, but predictable (very Steve Martinesque).  The Book of Eli was AWESOME.  Really awesome.  Not blu-ray worthy or anything, but the story was wonderful.  If we all took that dedication and purpose to our lives!  Wow, what a different place the world would be. 



Saturday morning I think we bummed around, ran som errands and such.  We stopped at the Goodwill store, which is my favorite new place!  Talk about bargains!  We bought: 

Mens suit jacket (made in Italy) 

2 king pillow shams 

king bedskirt 

new with tags womans dress 

2 pair mens athletic pants (nike and adidas) 

queen bed sheet set 

3 books 

4 pieces of girls clothing 

TOTAL:  $33.40 

Not too shabby eh???  Try checking out your local Goodwill store, Savation Army, DAV, or whatever you have in your area! 



Saturday afternoon I watched a beautiful bride walk down the aisle!  She’s one of my great friends, Anna.  It was a sweet touching ceremony, as Anna and Matt were marrie by Anna’s Mother.  I know the stress and pressure of a wedding, and I know that as they are laying on the beaches of Mexico, it was all worth it!  






After the wedding, we ran home, changed and went to Magic Springs, a local amusement park.  I’ll do a review on it later, but it’s a pretty good deal for locals who buy season passes.  One the greaat benefits is the summer concerts they have on Saturday nights.  And since I pretty much work all Saturday nights, I never get to go.  This year they did have concerts during the week, but we never got to go to one.  So . . . this was my first concert at the amplitheater . . . and who was it?  Randy Travis!  An oldie but goodie!  It was great, and the boys’ first concert too.  He was funny and sounded awesome! 


Of course, Sunday was another relaxing day, with a bit of school clothes shopping (only 18 more days!) and of course work  😦  But that’s ok, I’ve got all 4 kids all week.  

Gotta take Coco to the vet for some shots, poor puppy . . . I still need to show you her! 

Love Y’all! 


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