Female Baldness


This is a touchy subject for some women.  It’s more common in men of course, and male baldness is much more accepted in our society.  But for women, it’s not so much.  Having long thick hair is considered sexy and sensual.  Millions of dollars are spent in advertisement for beauty companies, not only for hair products, but other products that promote beauty.  Google images of “sexy hair” and see what comes up.  Not a single female with thin hair. 

The only time that it seems female baldness is acceptable is in sick or ill people.  Females who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments such has chemotherapy or radiation are looked upon strong and brave.

My Mother has thin hair, so this is where I suppose I get it from.  Take a look at mine….

It’s frustrating, it really is.  I know people tell me all the time they can’t tell, they don’t notice, blah, blah, blah.  But as with everyone else who has a “flaw” (by society’s standards) it’s the first thing I notice in pictures of me and when I look  in the mirror.  

But one thing that I’ve tried, is not to let it define me.  It’s hard though.  The way that the media sexualizes a woman, it’s just crazy!   To be glam today, to be cool and to have that look, not only do you need the fake breast, but the eyebrows, eyelashes, nose jobs, and of course hair extensions.  I’m not saying that I’ll never try any of these! ok ok, yes, those are butt implants, and no, I can and will say here and now, I WILL NEVER GET BUTT IMPLANTS.  Phew, had to get that off my chest!

My hair used to be super-thick (take a look at my senior pic from high school)!  But after having my second son it started falling out in great bunches.  I was first told it was because my body was letting go of all the hormones I held onto during pregnancy, but it continued months afterwards.  After having my thyroid levels checked and seeing no problem with that, it was decided it was just hereditary.   I’ve tried all the shampoos, hair conditioners, and other products.  I know that by no means do I have hair loss to the worst extent.  Google image female baldness and you can see the poor women who have it worse than me.


I’ve enrolled in a study to grow my hair.  A little medicated foam, and hopefully soon my hair will thicken up.   Who knows.  A little cash, and maybe some hair.  And even better, some self-confidence.  🙂




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