Let me tell you about my love affair. I am in love with my kindle! I bought in off eBay back in December. It’s the kindle 2, which is a bit bigger than the newest kindle. But, I love it! It goes with me everywhere.
People always ask how much the books are…. Well pretty cheap. I have over 100 books and maybe paid for 2. If you take the time, you can google the books you want (I.e. ‘Da Vinci Code free ebook) and get them that way. With a easy email to kindle (with the book attched) you can get the book into kindle format and onto your kindle.

There are also many, many free ebook websites out there, including (who sells the kindle products).

There are many cool skins, covers, and gadgets you can add onto your kindle. One of my favorites was a gift from Craig. It’s a waterproof cover with a lanyard thing on it. The cool thing about kindle versus other ebook platforms is that it has no back light. This is good for 2 reasons. First it saves your poor eyes. Think of how tired your eyes feel after reading a computer screen all day! Second, no worrying or trying to get out of the sun to read. The “ink pearl technology” leaves no glare. So with that, and my water proof cover, i can get into my pink floatie in the lake and read!

A few other cool things …
The battery last 2 to 4 weeks (with wifi off) before needing a charge.

Can store over 3000 books

Has built in wifi (other models have 3G)

Book lending available

I really live it! Craig even got himself one, the new kindle 3, and he has read more books in the last 4 months than he had in he last 15 years!

I’ll add some ebooks links over on the side. šŸ™‚





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