Mother’s Day 2011


Happy Mothers Day to all my Mom friends and those Mothers To-Be!

Here’s what my fill-in-the-blank card from Zachary said (underlined words are what he filled in)

My Special Mother

My mother is the most wonderful mom in the whole world.

She’s as pretty as a rose.

She weighs 80LB and she’s 60 in tall.

Her favorite food is befftrky  (translation: Beef Jerky).

In the good old days when mom was little, she used to play brbes (play barbies).

I think mom is funny when she wigls (wiggles).

I know she’s really angry when she wels (yells).

I wish my mom would play games with me everyday.

I wouldn’t trade my mother for a ded rat (dead rat).

Happy Mother’s Day






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