Take me to the Chapel . . .


My baby sister got married in September!  We made the trip a few days before the wedding and had a great time with family.  It was fun to see my nephew Jayden (AKA Bubba) and his sister Bella.  The wedding was beautiful, but not as much as the Bride!  The reception rocked, and I even got my other sister Stephanie drunk, ohhhh funny stuff 🙂 She did look pretty pitiful on the couch the next morning!  Congrats to Ashley and Chris! ❤

Timmy, Brennen, Zachary, and my nephew Jayden

The reception was held at the Valley Event Centerwho was FANTASTIC from the beginning to the end!  Spectrum Photography in Gering was also great.  Very professional, listened to the couple, and gave fantastic results!  I will have to get more pics of the reception from someone!  The food was fantastic, which is understandable when a Filipino family and a Hispanic family are doing the cooking! I love the picture of me, Mom, and my Aunt Janelle doing the chicken dance with the kids.  haha, did I mention that my husband had to ask my Dad to drive me home?  Yup, Dad drove me and my sister Stephanie home that night!  Can’t wait until the NEXT wedding!  


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